Fediplex: Follow the local timelines of many mastodon servers

Published on 2020-11-21 by Connor ~1 mins of reading

I've been using Mastodon a lot more recently. For those unaware it's basically like twitter, but anyone can host their own server and build their ...

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Cool Stuff, 1st Edition

Published on 2020-11-15 by Connor ~4 mins of reading

So, part of the appeal of making my own blog was getting away a bit from the major platforms. The downside of getting away from ...

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Gemini Ink Server: Play choice text adventures over the gemini protocol!

Published on 2020-11-14 by Connor ~2 mins of reading

Yesterday I spent a few hours creating a nodejs server that you can use to play Ink games over the Gemini protocol . Combining two ...

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If you think business is a bad word, I want you do to business

Published on 2020-11-11 by Connor ~5 mins of reading

Creators of all stripes — artists, writers, musicians, hackers, you name it — have often maligned business and many of the things associated with it ...

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