Fediplex: Follow the local timelines of many mastodon servers

Published on 2020-11-21 by DistractedMOSFET

I've been using Mastodon a lot more recently. For those unaware it's basically like twitter, but anyone can host their own server and build their own community, but people can still follow and interact across server providers. I quite like it, and I like having a 'local timeline'. That's a timeline of all public posts people in the same server are making. It's neat because often you join a server based on interests and so it allows you to find people with the same interests. However, there are many servers, and I wanted to follow many local timelines easily.

There didn't seem to be an easy way to do this. So I made one.


Fediplex is a pretty simple page to address this issue. It's still pretty limited. Notably there's no media previews, custom server emojis don't work, and if you want to reply to a post you kinda have to go through the cumbersome process of clicking through to the status, etc etc. But it was quick to write, easy to maintain, and does the core job.

It's pretty straight forward. Chuck mastodon server links into the box on the left and click add to list. Your list is remembered in your browsers local storage, so even if you close the tab and come back it'll be here.

Hopefully this page is of use to somebody else too, and if you have any feedback, hit me up.

For now, I only have a few servers in my list, feel free to recommend to me more!